About Us


Penta Capital was established in 1999 and is owned and managed by its partners who make all investment decisions. We have a collegiate culture and a consistent appetite for risk. These factors combined with over 100 years investment experience of investing in the UK mid-market have produced industry leading investment returns.

Our ambition continues to be to provide superior returns to our investors through the creation and realisation of a diversified portfolio of high-quality private equity investments.

Our independence allows us to operate out with the strictures that have evolved within the sector and we pride ourselves on delivering creative and innovative solutions within the constantly changing private equity landscape.

Penta’s input and guidance has been valuable and supportive, it is a genuine partnership in all respects.
Peter Cullum, GRP chairman
Penta are solutions focused and decisive. They are very knowledgeable in their sectors and their expertise is genuinely additive.
Maryanne McIntyre, Amber River, CEO