Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Here are some of the deals that have led to the industry-leading returns that we have delivered for our investors over the last ten years.


We invested £190m in the buy-out of the UK’s 5th largest motor insurer. With Sir Peter Wood, 5-time serial successful entrepreneur we supported management through the personal injury crisis, doubled investment returns and optimised the capital structure. We saw it rise more than 12 fold over 3 years to £120m generating an outsize return for all stakeholders.

Global Risk Partners

We invested £50m alongside Peter Cullum, the serially successful insurance entrepreneur in a buy and build a strategy in UK insurance. We supported management in their pivot from Lloyds market to SME insurance. We secured a market-leading financing package and GRP went on to complete over 60 acquisitions before our partial exit at over 3x money in 2020.

6 Degrees Group

We backed Alastair Mills, for the second time to build an integrated cloud computing and telecoms solution for Britain’s SMEs. We made a 2.8x return on our £36m investment by backing management to acquire and integrate the 14 businesses which became a recognised platform in the industry.